schmooze profile: Máxima Guerrero

Name: Máxima Guerrero

Hometown: Morelos, MX/ Phx, AZ


Favorite Arizona place: South Mountain. It was the first and only place ‘outside’ of the city that I ever visited with my family when I was little.

Favorite drink: Vanilla Iced Latte, with a pop of cinnamon.

Favorite local project: PUENTE, AZ being able to capture great images, art, history of our people, and action for social movement.


Cardio or weights?

Weights! Definitely. Every time I do cardio I have to break it down in my mind by increments of 10 minutes, otherwise it seems like I am running forever. A weight provides me the ability to build strength, and has taught me a lot of disciple to get some gainz.

What was your first real job?

Community organizer. My first job was working for a local civic engagement campaign to recall former US Senate President Russell Pierce. I traveled in public transportation from Phoenix, AZ to Mesa, AZ almost everyday for 3 months. The campaign meant more than just becoming politically aware; Pierce is the creator and author of Proposition 300 here in AZ. Proposition 300 prohibits undocumented students (like myself) to obtain state or federal funds as scholarships, and forcing me to pay out of state tuition (3x more than in state).  The campaign meant being able to recall a politician that for a long time broke my dreams of obtaining a college education. We were able to succeed in the campaign, and he was out of his seat the following January.

How do you describe the work you do?

Everything is an outlet to create change. I do what I can and have been blessed with opportunities and a community where I can be honest and exposed to create a systems change.  My passion is youth and leadership development.


What activity do you consistently make time to do, or at least try to?

This would definitely be to workout and be in nature. I think that is one of my goals through Ganaz Apparel, is about pursuing passion with Ganaz, that no matter where that inspiration goes we are capable and in control of bringing it back to ourselves. We deserve to give to the community, but also invest in ourselves. I do that through investing in my body in an actively lively style, but also feeding my soul in reconnecting with my indigenous roots and mother earth.



When do you feel most in your element, zone, etc.?

When I am alone. It has come with practice, and self-growth, self-reflection but I am not afraid of silence and facing myself. It is the connection to the universe that has helped me realize the magnitude of my pursuance on this earth.

What advice do you have for your younger self?

Be bold and be afraid to connect with people. It will build you to a side of you and movement you have no idea exists.

What direction would you like your life to take from here?

Not sure, I am passionate about so many things. I hope I continue to discover my roots, share and connect with people. Every year my main goal is to not be in the same place I was a year ago. One of my favorites quotes is “When was the last time you experience something for the first time?” I just hope to never lose that spirit of mine. I hope to continue to discover, learn, share, and connect, and to live though life with Ganaz.



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