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Jovanna Anzaldua

A true city girl, Jovanna enjoys living in downtown Phoenix with her partner and step daughter. They rescued Luna, a pit bull mix, from a shelter in 2013 which naturally turned her into an avid “dog person”. Luna can do no wrong, it doesn’t matter how many remote controls she chews. As the older sister to four brother’s Jovanna takes the role of big sister very seriously and loves spending time with her huge family. She makes time to travel often- exploring local bookstores, coffee shops and cuisine. Food & drink brings her an absurd amount of pleasure, invitations to schmooze over vodka or coffee will rarely be turned down. Cooking is her ultimate stress reliever and expression of love.

Jovanna’s passion lies in women’s issues, particularly women’s health. This includes everything from  reproductive health to women’s cancers within the context of policy, education and the clinical setting. Jovanna currently works, volunteers and sits on the board of various women focused organizations both locally and nationally.

Jaclyn Roessel

Born and raised on the Navajo Nation, between the communities of Kayenta, Round Rock and Lukachukai, Arizona, Roessel is a philanthropist and American Indian advocate. She is the owner of the greeting card company Naaltsoos Project which blends her love of paper and letter-writing with her commitment to language and cultural preservation. She founded and co-founded two blogs, Grownup Navajo and presence 4.0. Both aim to create an understanding of who American Indian people are today. Her work as arts and museum professional, cultivated Roessel’s belief in the value of utilizing cultural learning as a tool for developing communities and engaging community members.  The oldest of four and proud auntie Roessel remains connected to her family and community by monthly trips home. In her free time Roessel cultivates her skills as a photographer, hikes and performs random acts of kindness.


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